Peter Chapman Poetry

David Putnam Has Gone Back to Ohio

she said, from the Italian restaurant in Cape Coral.
All I know is his son got him that job, they both worked there. 
His kid trained him, he told me when we worked at the deli, his other job,
before he quit the deli to return to financial planning, which I could see him doing.

David Putnam was tall and sharp.  He looked very nice.  I eat a lot of popcorn
he said, and My mother loves me.

David Putnam had divorced his wife and hadn't seen her in a while is the gist I got. 
He spoke as though to someone else not me.  Maybe David Putnam never saw me. 
He liked waiting on the customers.  It could have just been them he saw.

I cannot believe David Putnam has left Florida.  And not too long ago.
I felt we might be friends, with a rare and fine connection.

The rangers have gone down into Mexico.  The miners boots are at the door.
The hungry eat under wet bridges, the birds don't know where they're going anymore.

But the palm trees make a secret sound, with the wind and rain in them.
I cannot believe David Putnam's returned to Ohio.  I thought we could have fun.