Peter Chapman Poetry

heavens to betsy

In the zodiac today:

You are happy with your work and imbued
by a sympathetic and understanding peacefulness.

I'm understood. Who else knows?

Soothsayers once owned great influence.
You were foresoothed, so went your sun.

People traveled by walking. The great and mighty
could be ambushed, or allowed to pass.
A clearing was described as shifting with unseen goings-on.
The intended walked or rode, a disturbance arose,
his days got read out. Walking took to heart
the logic of a green and vast land.

No more these starry woods. One is lucky now
to savor anything's approach on the dry autumn leaves.

And too, fishman:

the ability to flow gracefully between profundity and frivolity,
between penetrating explorations of complex mysteries
and sweet celebrations of breezy delight

marks your sign. Hold hubris, like a lover, at bay.