Peter Chapman Poetry

b + c Joy: (a)

I was at the yacht club and this famous sailor was talking
about Terrible, which is what he called Ted Turner,
a famous sailor once himself, and he said Jane Fonda asked

"Why do you call him Terrible?"

so he said he knew him before she ever did.

And now Mr. Turner is repopulating the buffalo prairies,
and that may, I am guessing, bring him who gave away $2 billion
to the UN, a sort of joy, yes, why I believe it would.

So this joy then, a shadow of a dream of a distant land?
Or the fact of living in the game, good at laughing & winning.

2 guys in a film I don't think Terrible owns
(since there are commercials) are living out their last days
in breathless exploits, and one says, the one you know's going to go first,
he says, or asks rather, has his new pal ever felt joy, or given joy.

He hasn't, so you see him process getting busy with that.

I ain't got this week's buffalo money but I'll tell you this:
I'm out here on the main line, kicking hell out of bliss.