Peter Chapman Poetry


watch me
while i act out
the precise spot
where i was
a moment ago, worrying
about who knows what,
but watch me worry
back to that spot
where lots of things
might have happened
but didn't, did you watch?

watch & guess
what i'm doing now,
leaning forward, into this day
of sweltering heat and humidity,
and see if you
can say that word,
sweltering, and repeat it fast,
until you wonder what you're doing,
what it means & what this meaning
is i'm making for you now,
out of air & arithmetic

if you are clever too
and guess my game
and cannot forgive me
this new awareness well
that's okay, it really is,
but from now on watch
me come & go, out of hands
and shoulders through knees
into snow, but not snow really,
just the cool of it, its blind
whiteness, then you'll know

i am here now
but only so